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Thank You District 2!

I will discuss the results of the election after everything is official. In the meantime I’m going to spread some much needed love!

Thank you to my wife and daughter for being amazing! Whether it was performing chores around the house that I could not get to, making meals so I could get to events on time, brightening my day when times were tough, or any of the other ways you kept our house together - you complete me. I love you so much and am the most blessed person in the world to have you both in my life!

Thank you to every person out there who voted for our campaign! We have the best supporters and volunteers! I cannot thank you enough for your countless hours of walking, flyering, calling, social media posting, event hosting and more! We bled, sweat, laughed and strategized together! I can honestly say that I am a better person thanks to working with the high caliber people on our campaign!

I was honored to be endorsed by some of the best members and organizations in our Community.  Some even took it upon themselves to mentor me - and to them I am beyond grateful!

While we did not raise mountains of cash like other candidates running for office, about 90% of our donations came from individual donors instead of committees, which is incredible! Thank you to everyone who believed in our message and donated to our campaign!

Thank you to my opponent Sergio A. Jimenez. Elections encourage us to debate hard and engage each other on the issues facing our Community. While we disagree on how to improve our City, I believe you are a good person and my invitation for you to be a guest at my house for a steak dinner is still on the table, just let me know when!


Thank you San José District 2!


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